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Today : Tuesday 17 January 2017
Production of Methanol in Port Ganaveh

Methanol is the world’s third-largest chemical widely used in many applications in petrochemical downstream industries such as paints, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fuel, cleaners and so on. Currently, an average of about 5 million tons of methanol production in the Iranian petrochemical industry and global markets are exported especially in East Asia […]

Filling station in Afghanistan

Afghanistan and Iraq after years of war and massive destruction are now prone areas investing in fuel supply. These countries have a common border with Iran due to their great cooperation potential in various fields of oil and especially gas stations. Increasing the import of cars at low prices due […]

Investment at projects

  According to official figures published in the Iranian Oil Ministry the total reserves of crude oil and gas condensate extraction feasible are estimated more than 154.8 billion barrels. Having the amount of 10% of the world’s oil, considering the expert’s statements of Iran’s National Oil Company, Iran’s reservoirs of […]

Petroleum drilling mud barite or Barium Sulfate Project

  Barite from inorganic minerals in various industries including petroleum and petrochemical industries such as deep excavations oil and gas will be used and the differences in this matter, it is heavy compared to other non-metallic minerals. Iran as one of countries in the world has reserves of barite suitable […]

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Middle east petroleum & chemical industery