Middle east Petroleum & Chemical Industry

جمله شعار

Active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical

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Today : Sunday 19 November 2017
Supply parts and equipment
Supply Drum

MPCI Company can supply Drum for your products.With the advancement of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry and the need for extensive handling and delivery of oil and its derivatives, more than 50% of the transport of liquid and gaseous products is done through waterways. Energy production has a considerable role […]

Supply three axles trailer

MPCI can supply three axles trailer and Petrochemicals and Refinery products with competitive price from Iranian, Russia and some else countries. You can be partner at our trade, so if you are end buyer or you have request for your buyer then we supply your demand. One of the products is three […]

Refinery and Petrochemical Equipment

MPCI Company can supply Refinery and Petrochemical Equipment with the benefit of specialists in spare part corporations and potential use of best manufacturers in this field, has the ability to  respond to demands of oil and gas industry. This company is very competent in the field of supply of machinery, […]

Procurement of fuel station

MPCI can supply Procurement of fuel station. You can be a partner in our trade, so if you are end buyer or you have a request for your buyer then we supply your demand. MPCI Company cooperates with Iranian engineering companies and some complexes associate with the company, and with […]

supply of drilling equipment

MPCI Company has the ability to supply of drilling equipment, with the highest quality and the most competitive prices, and it is ready to cooperate with drilling companies and engineers in the field of oil industry. Supporting manufacturers and domestic manufacturers and localization of parts and the use of all […]

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Middle east petroleum & chemical industery