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جمله شعار

Active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical

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Today : Sunday 19 November 2017

Company Strategy

MPCI Corporate Strategy
MPCI company with an extensive network across the purchase and sale of refinery and petrochemical products in Asia, Europe and Africa as well as having engineers and experts in the field of branches upstream and downstream of oil industry is one of the most respected authorities in this field.

Our strategy:
– The more a country’s economy booms in the 20-year outlook
– Employment and entrepreneurship in the field of oil
– Increase non-oil exports in line with the policy of economic strength
– Import innovative technologies in the oil and petrochemical industry in the country to benefit more efficiently
– Using internal split capital to build new production-processing units
– Exporting knowledge of engineering to neighboring countries
– Construction of refinery units to reduce crude oil sales
– Encouragement to attract foreign capital
– Meeting the needs of companies operating in the oil, gas, petrochemical products
– Putting total effort into practice to improve exports and markets overseas.
– Attempt to privatize the economy in order to fulfill Article 44 of the constitution
– Training and use of domestic human resources committed to reduce foreign dependence

Oil reserves in Iran include tanks, amphibious basin and oil fields located in the territory of Iran. According to official figures published by the Ministry of Petroleum of Iran, the Iran’s total recoverable reserves of crude oil and condensing gas is estimated more than 8154 billion barrels that it is 10% of the amount of oil in the world. According to the National Iranian Oil Company, Iran’s oil tanks up to year 1453 can be exploited. So the proper use of these great and profitable but limited resources should be a part of the important policy of practitioners in this area.

Company Strategy

MPCI company as one of the largest companies operating in the refinery and petrochemical industry, in line with the economic policy of resistance and support more domestic producers and to provide raw materials, spare parts, equipment and services required, invites producers, suppliers and contractors to cooperate.

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Middle east petroleum & chemical industery