Middle east Petroleum & Chemical Industry

جمله شعار

Active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical

National ID:10590042214

Today : Sunday 19 November 2017

Vision of MPCI

MCPI Company is pioneer among private developing commercial companies in refinery petrochemical area, and has been present in domestic market and international business and development of technical knowledge, and also it is going to have a critical role in earning foreign currencies in the future.
Activities carried out within the framework of business standards – ethics and profitable activities at home and abroad, in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers and help to develop the company to serve under the name of Iran.
Fundamental activities to achieve vision of MPCI Company:
– Economy management of the company in accordance with the latest economic theories to greater profitability and lower risk.
– Increasing market share and promotion of MPCI Company in the oil and gas global market
– Improving the productivity, quality and reengineering of complexes under our supervision
– Expanding the use of information technology
– Development of a quantitative and qualitative manpower as well as training and planning to recruit new specialists
– Creating appropriate structures based on units operating with no factory production policy
– Expanding the scope of services at the international level to develop the company
– Optimization of the process with a view to maximizing efficiency and minimizing the initial cost and maintenance
– Encouragement to invest in projects, co-production, financing from international capital markets
– Use testing approach to improve the structures
– Implementation of quality management systems
– Study and modeling the structures similar to successful foreign companies that operate in competitive environment
– Improving the quality of management of contractors, consultants and suppliers of products and spare parts
– Attracting local and foreign capital to enhance Development Services
– Capture, production and transferring knowledge to the production units of the Company
– Creating a competitive environment for manufacturing companies, engineers and contractors to assist domestic companies in order to improve and optimize IT engineering services
– Improving monitoring systems in development activities, especially investments
– Localization and applying successful structural patterns
– Increasing the productivity by modifying structures, incentives and knowledge
– Construction of new units of production in Iran as well as neighboring countries in entrepreneurship and prosperity
– Increasing the level of financial services for manpower
– Make a commitment in order to improve managers’ cooperation in affiliated companies
– Implementation of abiding rules environment with introducing rules and duties precisely
– Trying to make maximum the use of internal and external financial resources for doing developing projects
– The use of foreign investment in joint ventures with domestic priorities take into account the long-term interests of the company
– Use the knowledge of experienced internal and external groups to form new efficient economy groups.

Vision of MPCI

MPCI company with an extensive network across the purchase and sale of refinery and petrochemical products in Asia, Europe and Africa as well as having engineers and experts in the field of branches upstream and downstream of oil industry is one of the most respected authorities in this field.

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