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Today : Sunday 19 November 2017

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  • MCPI Company with the policy of providing petrochemical and refinery products for big markets is able to provide and distribute oil products from Iran, Russia, Iraq, Nigeria and some Arabic countries.

    Integration and coordination in response to the needs of international customers, is one the important principles in reaching to the customers satisfaction.

    Being familiar with main products of oil and gas as well as Iran’s petrochemical complexes and also countries rich in crude oil can result in proper action to customers’ inquiries. Therefore it leads to a fast response to customers’ inquiries and reduction in time expenses in commercial correspondence.

    The list of our products has a huge variety which includes lawfully products being bought and sold. The range of our products vast from crude oil to products of petrochemical complexes as well as governmental and private refineries in Iran, Russia, Iraq, Nigeria and some other countries that have close relations with Islamic republic of Iran.

    Considering the fact that supplying varied products have a big variety with international payment methods and also producers have various resources the sales methods in different periods are variable.

    Our target markets include all secure and safe ports all over the world which are not specially a war zone or not being in disagreement with Islamic republic of Iran. Moreover, the current target markets are located in ports of east Asian countries, some south African countries, Europe and Middle east.

    In addition, this company with having long term international contracts with some world famous companies, is capable of supplying additives, petroleum barium sulfate; and also necessary equipments in this industry like drilling crude oil wills , gas station equipments , refinery equipments, equipment of the packaging , fuel transportation facilities . These services are usually provide in service department as requisite materials in oil field or also spare parts and equipments department of MPCI Company that is an evidence to show our expanded abilities in different sections of oil industry.

    Keep in mind, elemental composition of crude oils mix don’t have a lot of changes, but small differences in the composition of the oils could have significant effects on physical properties and also the process for the production of saleable products. Therefore, the percentage of material necessary to produce crude oil in a tank could change during time, so the final product of a lab might be different from other lab’s product. Moreover all analytics on this website are offered by MPCI as we believe they are standard, and also the index results have been mentioned in them considering the fact that all raw materials to make every product could be variable. The buyer can use the product with the requirements of their specific analysis application that analyzes them and, if approved by relevant experts will be sent to the production-processing.


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Middle east petroleum & chemical industery