Middle east Petroleum & Chemical Industry

جمله شعار

Active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical

National ID:10590042214

Today : Wednesday 18 January 2017

Our agents

The MPCI Agents


Name Passport/Reg No. Certificate No. Country Validity Title
Mr. Tulasi Rao N0306582 FMIN166224 INDIA 23 May 2017 Seller’s Mandate
Mr. Ayuk Nekem NID.110723647 FMCA166223 CAMERON 5 April 2017 Seller’s Mandate
REDOORS Co. 37566300 FMSL166228 SLOVAKIA 23 Jun 2017 Seller’s Mandate
Ms. Khrystyna FE335060 FMUK166227 UKRAINE 20 Jun 2017 Seller’s Mandate
Europass Consultancy Service Co. CS538030216 FMGH166226 GHANA 29 May 2017 Seller’s Mandate
Mr. Zinali Ougnadin X95336947 FMIT166225 ITALY 30 April 2017 Seller’s Mandate




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Middle east petroleum & chemical industery