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Today : Friday 27 April 2018

C4 Cut

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MPCI can supply C4 Cut and another Petrochemicals and Refinery products with competitive price from Iranian, Russia and some else countries.

You can be partner at our trade, so if you are end buyer or you have request for your buyer then we supply your demand.

MPCI commercial business group is comprised of skilled professionals in the field of exports, imports, wholesale of petroleum products and chemicals.

MPCI Company is a big supplier for offering products with competitive prices and the highest level of quality in the shortest time possible. We have manufacturers, sellers and brokers for all products in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, North Africa, Arab countries, India, East Asia, Europe and many more.

About below product; C4 Cut produced in Ethylene production planets by steam cracking of naphtha. It is a mixture of C4 hydrocarbons mainly 1,3- butadiens, Iso Butene, Butane.C4 is a colorless gas with a pungent, gasoline-like odor. It is usually stored as a liquid under pressure. is used most commonly in the production of 1,3-butadiene. It can also be blended into fuels; for the manufacture of gasoline blending components such as gasoline alkylate, polymer gasoline and dimersol: butylenes may be added directly into gasoline for volatility control. Other fuels uses can ber blending with propane and butanes as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which is also used as a refinery fuel.

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