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Today : Friday 27 April 2018

Feedstock and fuel

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Provision of fuel for various consumption sectors as well as Feedstock and fuel for production complexes is one of the most important parameters in economic analysis related to production and processing of petroleum products because a large part of their profitability is dependent on this data. Around the world, depending on the geographic area and how to design and build production and processing complexes, there are different requirements for feedstock flexibility with regard to the petrochemical industry – refining compared to other industries, can be the definition production units for a range of types of feed that are divided into two main groups liquid feed and feed gas.

MPCI Company has the ability to provide a single feedstock and fuel for productivity and production process (integrated large, medium and small oil and gas industry) for South-East Asia and East European countries and areas in need of fuel countries such as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Major resources in the chemical industry in the Middle East affiliate to the companies in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Persian Gulf states and some other countries.

List of products and production companies providing a wide range of hydrocarbon products to be included because of the variety of products under the contract of large complexes in Iranian and international large and medium enterprises that is a sign of the potential of the company in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Also, the company is ready to provide feedstock and fuel for spot contracts or long-term contracts and in according with analysis requested.

Due to the low prices of crude oil and similar products, the company may provide long-term crude oil sales with long-term payment methods with international guarantees.

Crude oil from Russia, Iraq, Venezuela and another countries is perfectly legally available that all documents issue by the country of manufacture from the beginning of cooperation in the name of the buyer and will be deposited cost of contract directly to national producer companies and after sign contract, buyer pay money of broker according NCNDA or MOU.

supply of fuel

Supplying petrochemical and refinery products needed in different sectors of export is one of the most important parameters in economic analysis related to MPCI Company considering the fact that this data is very impressive in our work.

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