Middle east Petroleum & Chemical Industry

جمله شعار

Active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical

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Today : Friday 27 April 2018

Company Introduction

MPCI Company by the need to expand the oil industry was founded with private section capital with the identity of an independent company being active in the field of development of factories and refineries of oil, and exports of products these units in early 90s in Iran. Becoming a self made company is one of the priorities of our company in the global economy.
The company is one of the largest private companies with several mini refineries and mega refineries in the Middle East which sells the products of refinery and petrochemical complexes in Iran, Russia, Iraq and several countries rich in oil in Middle East. This company works hard in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets as well as the design, manufacture and supply of components and the feed of oil fields. We are trying to expand presence in the market by improving the quality of our products and extensive services to our customers in order to satisfy them is one of the main objectives of the company. To develop marketing activities and to meet the needs of customers in overseas markets, the company has established some MPCI companies and offices in several countries.
The company has several subsidiary production units, in addition to that all contracts signed with foreign companies in the production and supply of refined products and petrochemical products are long-term, which means that our company foresees the future of needs and following high quality services and production in order to make sure from customers satisfaction in work with MPCI company.
The company’s commitment and moral ethics guarantee the acceptable performance in companies serving the MPCI and a better customer service in light of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

About us

MPCI company with an extensive network across the purchase and sale of refinery and petrochemical products in Asia, Europe and Africa as well as having engineers and experts in the field of branches upstream and downstream of oil industry is one of the most respected authorities in this field.

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Middle east petroleum & chemical industery