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Today : Friday 27 April 2018

Investment at Iran oil, gas and petrochemical

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MPCI Company has an active and powerful role in oil industry to serve in direct investment at Iran oil, gas and petrochemical and deployment of all potential internal and external profitable downstream and upstream sectors of oil, gas and petrochemical industries of Iran, in order to reduce investment risks, clears paths and draws all its power to promote this industry and that is the company’s long-term strategy centered on the creation and operation of high-yield production project domains.

The company has the capacity and potential, in order to achieve sustainable economy, along with the private sector of oil and gas industry with the help of investment companies and consistently serves international direct investment and believes that is an active part of its international strategy, part of the financial resources needed to develop the industry.

The company’s priority at present is foreign direct investment in the oil, gas and petrochemical field in Iran with fair profit sharing between the company and the company doing the capital investment, and ensures the security of investment that will be capitalized on the industry trend. Other partnerships are in the form of participation or take out a loan to finance development projects, such as the proposed financing for other priorities by MCPI Company.

According to official figures published in the Iranian Oil Ministry the total reserves of crude oil and gas condensate extraction feasible are estimated more than 154.8 billion barrels. The amount of 10% of the world’s oil , experts statements of National Iranian Oil Company, Iran’s oil reservoirs until the year 2075 can be operable, showing the capacity and potential of investment in the sector. At present, semi-finished several projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and the completion of the multi-billion dollar investment needs, therefore, investment strategy in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in the MPCI Company as follows:

-Cooperation with foreign investors to participate in unfinished or new projects

-Increasing the production capacity for mastering more downstream oil at market prices

-Planning to launch and complete the production of downstream products to increase market penetration

-Investment partnership with the exact location for new projects (close to the feed market, free trade zones, etc.) with the aim of reducing production costs and prices of finished products, knowledge and use of human resources in each region and contribute to the people in direct and indirect benefits plans and future projects in order to raise the productivity of factors of production.

-Research and development of new products needed to help market the oil and gas industry and raising the efficiency of production.

-Introducing safe investment in the oil industry, Gas and Petrochemical of Iran’s international corporate finance and facilitate investment in this segment of the industry

All Iranian investment companies and foreign legal entities and eligible investors that are interested to investment at Iran oil, gas and petrochemical can have contact with MPCI Company for purchase stock, direct participation, or provide loan finance.
All national plans are with investment guarantee by government of Islamic Republic of Iran and all private plans are with highest benefit at Investment at Iran oil, gas and petrochemical or even worldwide.


Investment in MPCI Company is a type of financing in oil, gas and petroleum field that all natural people and legal identities with low money can find their way to cooperate in commercial activities of petrochemical and refinery product field in private sector, and they can help this company to make mutual profit with using small finances lawfully in commercial activities of petrochemical and refinery products of MCPI Company.

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