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Investment in construction of refinery

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  • Participation in the construction and development of upstream and downstream oil and petrochemical units with MPCI Company’s partnership

    Participation in oil and petrochemical field in MCPI Company is a very profitable and long-term investment that natural persons and legal entities with enough finance can enter in this field as private sector, and be partner with our company in exploiting this small investments based on provided policies in participation activities of MPCI in building and developing units to produce petrochemical and refinery products with the vision of legal possession through private sector in downstream and upstream to make profit. Moreover all design, building process in under the supervision of MCPI Company’s experts.


    Participation approach of MPCI Company

    - Integrity and coherence of the entire process, attracting investors with developmental approach
    - Investment security approach to ownership
    - Studying the possibility of long-term profits with minimal investment outlined
    - The main goal is to help economic development in the light of the public service
    - Fundraising to improve the share of efficient exploitation in the industry to reduce sales of raw material and going to greater productivity.
    - Streamline the process of attracting investment, creating and introducing competitive investment opportunities.
    - Help in making of more added value
    - contribute to the promotion of Iran's petrochemical and refinery industry along with resistive economy
    - Receiving and imparting ideas and new investors to utilize all the capabilities of this sector of industry
    - Earning more profit from small investments as well as participation in exporting petrochemical and refinery products

    - Building and development of producing and refinery complexes with the approach of ownership


    Terms of participation in the construction and development of production units of MPCI Company

    • The amount of investment in companies involved in this sector remains at least for 60 months with investment amount not less than the minimum amount set for the calculation.
    • Profit participation and customer development in the last working day of every third month and in the early hours of the next business will be credited to investor's account.
    • Minimum amount to invest in this sector is $ 10.000.000
    • In return for investment, receipts sheet date is considered as the start date for participation. Also for all participants in the construction and development of the Company is issued and submitted by the collaborate tab.
    • Refinery-petrochemical products provisional participation rate is 9% of the final contribution after taking into account the contribution to the total profit.
    • The legal age for investment is 18 years old
    • The provisional investment profit is transferred to the same investor’s account by MPCI Company.
    • If you close the account before maturity, deposits are subjected to the terms and conditions of MPCI Company.
    • Renewal of this type of investment for the same period and a price like the initial finance after confirmation of the company is possible.
    • The right to revoke, increase and decrease the level of investment before maturity is possible.
    • In case of demanding the investment money before 180 days, the interest rate on the money is 4%. (a period of providing feasibility of projects, consultation and bureaucracy is calculated 180 days), and the amount of investment between 2 to 60 days will be deposited to investor’s account by MPCI Company.
    • The profit for cancellation applicants for investment and contribution in construction and development of production and refineries, upstream and downstream the oil and petrochemical industry after 180 days and before maturity period in guarantee paper is 80 % from provisional profit in the contract 
    • The possibility of transferring the investment or its profit to a third party before maturity is available.
    • This company guarantees the return of investment as well as its profit based on the contract between both parties (MPCI Company and investor). This contact paper filled out with investor’s produced information and the scan of his/her documents and will be posted by legal authorities and will be delivered to the investor.
    • Participants who are going to invest in long-term period over 10 years are known as permanent owner of that part of investment. To be mentioned, this type of contribution has the highest advantages of investment. Some of them are mentioned below.

    1- Ability to transfer shares to others.
    2. Sales of part of their shares to others.
    3. The right to vote in the general decisions for development including investment and partnership.
    4. Earn money by purely Islamic-ethical and without any doubt.
    5. Foresight and permanent income from oil and petrochemicals with ownership approach.
    6-Registration and ownership of any natural or legal persons, including lowering capitals, contribution in the company's share of investment department clearly and specifically.
    7- Possible permanent transfer of ownership to others.

    8- The possibility to sell your shares to the day rate to MPCI Company

    9- The calculation of profit in the producing – refinery unit will be done every 3 month clearly and shareholder will benefit from this profit without any deduction

    10- The possibility to increase the amount of shares up to 70% of whole shares.

    11- The possibility to buy produced products with fair profit from the same contributed unit.

    12- The possibility to be active in the management of contributed unit as the shareholder for person holding more than 30% of shares(Only at same project).

    • The minimum finance for participation and provisional interest rate in current year provided by MPCI Company



    Minimum finance

    Interest rate

    1 year


    4% provisional

    3 years


    4.4% provisional

    4 years


    4.7% provisional

    5 years


    5% provisional

    More than 10 years


     Shareholder is known as owner that can transfer to others



    In addition, the mentioned interest rates above are the highest rates in this field and higher interest rates are not real.


    Also due to the large number of oil projects approved financing in Iran, the possibility of direct participation in the construction of new collections is possible that in this case, the partnership between MPCI and Investment Corporation concluded and after administration, percent of oil, gas and petrochemical industries and the investor can invest without any concern for the MPCI or one of the companies active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical in the Middle East that direct participation and in accordance with ethical principles. 's vast , .


    Investment in national projects for oil, gas and petrochemical industries of Iran

    The terms that are co-listed is owned by MPCI and any request invest in national projects for oil, gas and petrochemical companies in Iran NIOC, NIGC and NIPC was possible through MPCI any investment in the oil, gas and petrochemical Islamic Republic of Iran by the company includes state guarantees. According to the lasting security of Iran than other countries in the Middle East, Iran is the best option for investment in oil and gas at minimum investment amount of US $ 400 million in financing in national companies and profits contribute to the project after official inquiries of Iranian government, will be announced through the MPCI to the investor.

    Documents required for initial question:

    1. Company Profile (CP).

    2. Curriculum vitae (CV).

    3. Documents regarding the ability of investment banking.

    4. The official application form to participate in MPCI Company’s activities.

    For making the initial request, please refer to Investment inquiry and for more information get in touch via our official website.



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