Middle east Petroleum & Chemical Industry

جمله شعار

Active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical

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Today : Friday 27 April 2018


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MPCI can supply LLDPE and Petrochemicals and Refinery products with competitive price from Iranian, Russia and some else countries.

You can be partner at our trade, so if you are end buyer or you have request for your buyer then we supply your demand.

MPCI commercial business group is comprised of skilled professionals in the field of exports, imports, wholesale of petroleum products and chemicals.

MPCI Company is a big supplier for offering products with competitive prices and the highest level of quality in the shortest time possible. We have manufacturers, sellers and brokers for all products in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, North Africa, Arab countries, India, East Asia, Europe and many more.

Please send your request via purchase requisition menu.




Grade Name MFR

(190oC/2.16 Kg)

Density (gr/cm3) Application
16503 0.916 General purpose monolayer or multilayer cast stretch film DATA SHEET
12XF6 0.9120 Blown film DATA SHEET
235F7 0.9230 General purpose blown film DATA SHEET
09×02 0.9090 Stretch wrapping application , especially as core layer in extruded films DATA SHEET
LL0209 AA/KJ 0.9 0.920 Packaging, Lamination film, Agricultural film,

Heavy duty sacks, Stretch film

LL0209 0.9 0.920 Heavy duty sacks, Stretch film

This grade contains slip agent and anti-block additives

LL0220 AA 2.2 0.921 Light and medium duty film, Stretch film DATA SHEET
LL0220 KJ 2.4 0.921 Light and medium duty film, This grade contains

slip agent and anti-block additives

LL0410AA 0.8 0.927 Film for laminating , Tapes, Netting, Bags, Film extrusion DATA SHEET
LL22501 0.950 0.922 Blown film grade DATA SHEET
LL 18XF5 0.5 0.918 Heavy duty shipping sacks , ice bags , frozen food bags

potato Bags and agriculture films


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Middle east petroleum & chemical industery