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(Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR

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MPCI can supply SBR and Petrochemicals and Refinery products with competitive price from Iranian, Russia and some else countries.

You can be partner at our trade, so if you are end buyer or you have request for your buyer then we supply your demand.

MPCI commercial business group is comprised of skilled professionals in the field of exports, imports, wholesale of petroleum products and chemicals.

MPCI Company is a big supplier for offering products with competitive prices and the highest level of quality in the shortest time possible. We have manufacturers, sellers and brokers for all products in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, North Africa, Arab countries, India, East Asia, Europe and many more.

Please send your request via purchase requisition menu.

 Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
Grade Moony Viscosity  Raw (ML 1+4 @ 100oc)  Oil

Content (%)


 Styrene (%)



SBR 1500 46-58 22.5-24.5 SBR 1500 is well suited for wide range of applications due to its unique properties. Some examples are: Tires, tread rubber and molded and extruded mechanical goods.


SBR 1502 46-58 —- End uses include white sidewall tires, foot wear, light and dark colored mechanical goods and miscellaneous items where excellent physical properties and minimum discoloration and staining are required.


SBR 1712 42-52 22.5-28.5 22.5-24.5 The SBR 1712 used for the production of tires, high quality technical rubber goods, molded and extruded mechanical rubber goods and other industrial products where color and staining are not decisive factors. DATA SHEET

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