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Today : Friday 27 April 2018

Technical knowledge transfer

The transfer of international engineering knowledge of the national companies in oil, gas and petrochemical industries large and medium units.

MPCI Company with wide connections with large companies and international modern technical knowledge transfer for further growth and development of the Iranian oil and gas sector and provide appropriate opportunities for new partnerships in this part of the industry with the transfer of direct and to all the internal and external potential to increase productivity and optimize the products with a view to reduce the cost of construction and maintenance in downstream and upstream sectors of oil, gas and petrochemical industries of Iran, and all in their power to draw clear paths, and the company’s long-term strategy centered on creating and launching projects with the use of modern production capacity and power engineering, international and domestic corporations in this area. The process of obtaining when the operation is successful is to attract foreign technology and production. The technology transfer will be effective only if they are beyond the framework and program to lead independent production.

Applying the concept of technology transfer and application of technology in the first place somewhere other than its creation

With the study of developing countries specially East Asian countries, we observe them in the course of economic development, the technology from the country transfers through technical knowledge from these countries. Development the findings, strengthen the quality that they have, has become possible by creating suitable economic infrastructure, seeking to strengthening capacity of academic centers and the management by their own.

This company intends to conclude a memorandum of cooperation between knowledge-based companies and foreign technology and innovation as an important contribution in promoting engineering and technical knowledge in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

MPCI companies invests and provides technical expertise and specialized services related to the production units with public and private sector in oil and gas industry of the country, to increase the productivity and export of the products, contributing to economic growth, sustainable profitability, increase employment opportunities and development of modern technologies and indigenous people in implementing the logic of the move.

The company has the capacity and potential, in order to achieve sustainable economic, along with private sector oil and gas industry with international engineering companies.

Now our priority is technical knowledge transfer to the external part of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries of Iran.

According to official figures published in the Iranian Oil Ministry the total possible recoverable reserves of crude oil are estimated more than 154.8 billion barrels. The amount is 10% of the world’s oil. Thus, the testimony of experts of National Iranian Oil Company, Iran’s oil reservoirs until the year 2075 can be operable, these are signs of the potential of the capacity of the sector this sector.

Therefore, technology transfer strategy in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Company of Iran by the MPCI Company as following

  • Cooperation with foreign companies with foreign technical knowledge transfer for participation in new projects.
  • Increase the quality and capacity of the downstream oil products to dominate more at the market price.
  • Planning to launch and complete the production of downstream products to increase market penetration.
  • The transfer of new products needed to help market the oil and gas industry.
  • Update the fourth generation of design and technology transfer in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries of Iran.

MPCI Company is ready to make long-term contracts with eligible cooperation in transferring technical engineering knowledge in oil, gas and petrochemical international section to Iran are shown in the following sectors:

  • Increasing exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs with low-cost strategy.
  • Partnership infrastructure resource development.

3- Modern technology in the field of oil and at least the third generation.

4- The fourth-generation technology in gas field in producing LNG.

5- New technology in the manufacture of catalysts used in the petroleum, gas and petrochemical projects in Iran and they have wide application.

6- The technology of parts and equipments of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical.

7- Having modern technologies in building each of the polymers.

8- Having the ability to design and build the fourth generation sets obtained, processing and production of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

9- The new technology reduces the cost of depreciation and maintenance of equipment.

10- Having the ability to control the transfer of technology and software sectors.

11- Designing innovative projects with a minimum cost approach.

12- Modern knowledge with the approach of enhancing safety, increasing shelf life and reducing costs.

All engineering companies and international legal entities which are eligible and interested in working in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry of Islamic Republic of Iran can now enter into negotiations and contracts that are long-term partnerships, and it should be noted that all projects and technical knowledge in chemistry industry after verifying by experts from MPCI Co. and by the approval of decision-making persons in the national petroleum, gas and petrochemical of Iran, with support from the MCPI Co. can be defined as practical industry projects in oil, gas and petrochemical of Iran to be exploited and technology transferors will benefit from cooperation in technology transfer projects.

Technology transfer

MPCI Company with the benefit of expert personnel and using the potential of big companies and foreign designers and contractors, the ability to design and construct of units that associated with the oil industry such as refineries, small and average production – and hydrocarbon processing plants, oil, gas, petrochemical and fuel storage tanks.

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